Networking Deluxe: Benefits for PSI Customers

PSI is proud of our special relationship with our customers. Direct exchange, a fair approach and collaborative product development are part of our DNA. Over the years, we have continued to create new formats and forums for our customers to interact with each other—and with us—about our products and the current challenges of the market.

» We have been meeting every year since 1986 for the PSIPenta user convention (IPA). Customers are always delighted. «

Jens Reeder, Head of Industry Division

Leiter Division Industry PSI Automotive & Industy

» In 2011, we launched the first social network for the industry, for our customers to use. On PSIng, companies can exchange tips and tricks on PSIpenta and help each other out. «

Alma Zichner, Head of Marketing



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PSIng—The Social Network for PSI Customers


What if there was a social network for all things related to your ERP system? At PSI, we think progress is better made together. That's why we've created an online community exclusively for our customers.

PSIng lets you get in touch with other users and with PSI employees. Discussion groups let you exchange information on important topics in your industry, or get tips and tricks on PSIpenta. This constantly growing forum is also a real treasure trove of information: Here, you can find solutions in very specific use cases, as well as a wealth of documentation.


The annual IPA is the specialist convention for ERP + MES

Year after year, more than a hundred participants discuss current industry trends at the annual IPA conference. The event's attractive program featuring keynote speakers, practical workshops, discussion panels and an evening event is well known far beyond the circle of PSI's customers. PSI customers find the event beneficial because it gives them the ability to find out about solutions available from other companies and about software applicable to production over a short period of time.

But the IPA is more than just an event. Our strong customer community is driving us forward:

  • The PSIpenta user convention (IPA) is an independent society.
  • Users can participate in working groups or self-formed specialist working groups
  • They determine the requirements that drive forward the functional development of our programs.
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Your Support is Valuable to Us!

Our customers' support, for example by referring us to others, cannot be taken for granted—especially since this often requires a lot of effort on the customer's part. Because any assistance from our customers is valuable to us, we reward this commitment with points, as part of our bonus program. Points can be exchanged for software licenses, services and other attractive rewards.

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Alma Zichner
Head of Marketing

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