Technology Should Adapt to Suit People, Not the Other Way Round

With PSI, you can make your company fit for digitalization. As a modern software company, we rely on agility to optimize your processes as part of a trusting collaborative partnership.

Agile software for agile companies

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PSI is the technology leader in agile software

We deploy agile ways of working and development. Our products are compliant with all standards and are workflow-driven. Using the easy-to-learn BPMN 2.0 standard, they enable processes to be modeled extremely easily and quickly, with no complex programming required. Our technology reflects our thinking: We live and breathe processes and workflow-based process optimization.

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We promise an open system

We pride ourselves on providing a modern and open service architecture. As a software platform for manufacturing companies, we replace obsolete software solutions and facilitate flexible services. This allows companies to select IT solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

Miracle of Integration

PSIbus is an ESB that functions as a uniform, scalable interface between all applications involved in the value creation process. It means that all other interfaces can be completely replaced. The standardized protocol reduces the complexity of an increasingly heterogeneous IT landscape, while IT costs are also reduced as the system needs only to be familiar with PSIbus. Changes to the IT landscape can be made at any time without affecting the entire system.

User interface with added value

Agile processes are reflected in an agile user interface. PSI Click Design makes life easier for everyone: In a single click, you can easily and intuitively create user interfaces for each individual user, saving expensive adjustment costs.

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Apps provide increased convenience and efficiency

We believe that apps should be made simple, easy and self-explanatory so that they can guide the user through the process. That's why we have integrated all required information and control panels—even from third-party software solutions—into one uniform interface. In this way, we can make processes more stable and reduce the need for training.

Our Promise

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Powerful Platform for Production: Highly available and scalable PSI framework based on the latest Java technology

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A strong community: Customers benefit from the large PSI Group development community

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Easy-to-learn development methodology & underlying software technology: Extensive application of key industry standards

Software architecture

PSI Softwarearchitektur
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Industry solution

Expansion of the standard software with industry and customer-specific functions and algorithms. These include interfaces to existing business software or project-specific links to machinery using SCADA systems.


Application layer providing standard operational functions with the look and feel of standard software. The functional areas available include optimization calculations, production control and logistics.


Fundamental interfaces and tools that are used by applications and are completely implemented in Java. This creates a basis for scalable, reliable and secure software solutions.
Core elements that provide the components and services necessary to operate application software. The core elements are the operating system (client and server), databases and networks.


Core elements that provide the components and services necessary to operate application software. The core elements are the operating system (client and server), databases and networks.

Your Contact

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Uwe Zuchold
Head of Research

Flyer Industrial Apps

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We summarized more compact information about our mobile solutions in our flyer Industrial Apps for you.

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