EDI in order production using myOpenFactory

Network with business partners

PSIpenta uses myOpenFactory, a coordination platform for inter-company order processing, for electronic exchange of data in discrete manufacturing. PSIpenta provides suitable adapters for purchasing and sales divisions. As both divisions work on the same platform, a customer-vendor network is created.


  • Establishing a network
  • Prevents media discontinuity and recording errors
  • Covers the most important purchasing and sales processes (RFQ, quotation, purchase order, order acknowledgement, change order, dispatch notification, goods receipt slip, invoice, credit note, complaints, status query, status report, stock query, stock report including sales report, item master data)
  • Exchange messages in XML format (SSL certificate for encryption)

Typical process using myOpenFactory

  1. The purchasing division of the requesting company requests a part on the myOpenFactory platform.
  2. The sales division of the supplying company sends a quote using myOpenFactory.
  3. The requesting company receives this offer and uses it to generate a purchase order.
  4. The order is generated automatically as an order in the ERP system of the supplying company. Quantity, date or price deviations are electronically synchronised. Manual intervention options are retained for required decisions.

PSI Cloud

Existing PSI Automotive & Industry customers who are interested in the platform, but who do not wish to be active in the entire network, can use the PSI Cloud to take their first steps in the direction of EDI.

myOpenFactory forms the technological basis of the PSI Cloud. The platform features a restricted area in which the customers can network exclusively. This provides an opportunity to develop greater horizontal, i.e. inter-company, integration.

If desired, the PSI Cloud can also be extended to additional customers and vendors who are already represented on the myOpenFactory platform.

myOpenFactory ERP-System PSIpenta
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Detailed information concerning the myOpenFactory platform including benefit calculator can be found at www.myopenfactory.de.