Packing material management

Managing complex packaging

Thanks to its modular structure, Packing Material Management is suitable for managing complex packing material BOMs and supports the packing material structures required by the customer. All stock and movement data is also available online in the ERP system modules.


  • Packing material BOMs
  • Packing material balances (for suppliers, carriers and customers)
  • Adjustment of carrier accounts
  • Automatic mechanisms for calculation of areas, replenishment and separators
  • Labelling
  • Miscellaneous packages

Packing material cost factor

Different types of packing are required for shipping products. Automotive suppliers conclude basic contracts with the OEM that stipulate terms and conditions of delivery, including the packaging. A significant part of the packaging is stored and ties up capital. Packing Material Management provides support in planning requirements, procurement and inventory management of packing materials.

Packing material structures

PSIpenta Packing Material Management maps the packaging using packing material structures (e.g. palette, carrier, separator, cover). Packing material requirements are calculated and requirement requests are triggered on the basis of production or shipping quantities. The required areas as well as replenishment and separation means are automatically identified. The use of returnable packaging is also on the increase. An agreed quantity of packing materials is often stated in each basic contract.

Packing materials stock and tracking

Stock levels are entered in packing material accounts and settled between the business partners by means of carrier account statements. As a part of this, negative stocks are tracked. It is possible to show stock levels in own storage locations, external storage locations or with service providers. Repacking processes are supported, e.g. moving carriers to other palettes, as is tracking packages down to the individual package. All packing material movements are recorded in a journal. Packing material movements of the external service provider (ESP) can be recorded if a suitable EDI connection is present.

Fast picking

Delivery overviews are used for fast picking and shipping of multiple items. Levels of automation can be used within the delivery overviews, so that picking, picking release, cargoes and delivery slip/transport data can be generated in a single step.