Finance and human resource management

Full integration of business processes

PSIpenta finance is the commercial solution made by the ERP standard PSIpenta and is based on the eGECKO platform, widely used in the finance and human resource management sector. In this way,the standard version of PSIpenta finance covers a wide range of field-tested services. The solution has been certified by one of the world's largest auditing companies.


  • Balance sheet and profit and loss statements
  • Key figures and liquidity analyses
  • Tax ledger
  • Advance turnover tax/ELSTER
  • Dunning
  • Automatic payment transactions nationally and internationally
  • Automatic periodic division of postings
  • Credit analysis
  • Liquidity planning
  • Corporate management (optional)

Country-specific versions

PSIpenta finance is available in different country-specific versions for the accounting systems of production companies. Localised versions take into account both the local language and country-specific laws and requirements. This enables multi-national companies not only to standardise their accounting systems, but also allows group-wide consolidation of disassociated corporate organisations. Fiscal balance sheets can be generated using custom evaluation types. The parallel presentation and easy traceability of the different evaluations ensure the greatest possible transparency in accounting. The system can use any domestic or foreign currencies. Foreign currency gains and losses are posted automatically and current evaluations can be carried out using exchange rate tables updated daily.

Special requirements

Convenient, detailed solutions extend the basic solution where special requirements are needed, such as the automatic posting of bank documents, standing order posting or running a cash ledger.

The integrated formula generator can generate balance sheets, profit and loss statements, business assessments and other reports. Use drill-down to break down line values, account totals and period values to the original document.

Illustration of group structures

PSIpenta finance also supports the illustration of group structures. This allows strategic inter-company relationships with individual companies, business units or profit centres to be represented in the same way as hierarchical networks of relationships and holding structures. This provides management committees with transparency and control for analysing the individual companies, divisions and profit centres, regardless of the size of the organisation. Adaptations to new corporate structures can be performed at any time by the user at almost no extra cost. Consolidation can also be backdated. The group package completely integrated in PSIpenta finance uses to drill-down technology to provide documents, evaluations and reports at the push of a button.

Corporate management (optional)

The goal of corporate management is the wise use of business data. It comprises controlling, planning, key figures, early warning system and a rating tool. A meaningful and complete data pool for rating evaluations and balanced scorecards is generated by the integrated illustration of user-related corporate landscapes. This makes it possible to create more than a mere system of key figures.

Extend the ERP core individually

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