Asset Accounting

Keep an eye on your assets

Asset accounting is a sub-area of financial accounting and cost and performance accounting. The task of this area is the evaluation and posting of entries and disposals from fixed assets and the calculation and posting of depreciation. PSIpenta finance / Asset Accounting handles all typical tasks: from the management and inventory recording of assets and asset changes to depreciation calculations.

Anlagenbuchhaltung ERP-System PSIpenta
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  • Standard analyses
  • Parallel evaluation areas
  • Plausibility check
  • Supplementary information management
  • Integration of depreciation methods
  • Planning and simulation system for planning new investments
  • Barcode-based inventory
  • Specialist depreciation methods for leased vehicles
  • Posting of complete and partial disposals with automatic posting of profit or loss

The PSIpenta finance / Asset Accounting module handles tasks such as recording assets, managing assets, calculations and transparency concerning changes in depreciation goods. Inventory counts are performed easily and quickly using barcode scanners. Asset and investment values are displayed and updated daily. One particular highlight is the extensive planning and simulation function. This enables the development of fixed assets to be simulated over an unlimited period of time. Comprehensive, flexible evaluation options such as asset history sheet, special depreciation and insurance complete the range of functions. In addition, the module for depreciation of leased vehicles provides specialist status and amount postings.

Asset accounting is completely integrated into the overall system. Documents from financial accounting are automatically available in asset accounting and can be further processed there. The necessary postings in financial accounting and cost accounting are carried out automatically.