Human Resource Management

Relieve the human resource office

Using PSIpenta finance Human Resource Management, all central tasks in the area of wages and salaries are performed quickly and on time: payroll accounting, determination and payment of social security contributions, income tax etc.


  • Simplified accounting procedures thanks to fast and prompt completion of central tasks
  • Automatic updates of health insurance funds and contribution rates
  • Test routines, DEÜV and Elster capability and GDPdU interface (principles for data access and verifiability of digital documents)
  • Pre-compiled forms for authorities from the integrated certification system

The program was awarded a GKV distinction (German statutory health insurance) by the ITSG (IT service for German statutory health insurance fund). It is fully compatible with the DEÜV (data collection and transmission act), includes test routines and supports ELSTER (electronic tax return). A GDPdU interface is also integrated.

Central personnel management tasks

Quick and prompt processing of central tasks such as payroll accounting, determination and transfer of the social security contributions and income tax. Routine tasks are reduced and procedural costs lowered, meaning the entire accounting procedure is simplified. Essential basic wage data such as financial institutions, communities, health insurance companies, banks and federal labour agencies are available as standard. Automatic updates are simply initiated to update the health insurance funds and contribution rates.

Other features include back-calculation up to January of the previous year, quick recording of human resource master data, plausibility checks in master data maintenance and personnel cost planning with simulations based on net-gross extrapolations. An integrated certificate system also supplies pre-compiled forms for authorities.

Evaluations and reports

Extensive standard evaluations and individually customisable reports promptly provide essential information for targeted personnel management. Even the standard version provides essential evaluations and documentation that can be easily customised. For example, income tax declarations, social security contribution documents, wage accounts, payroll accounting and overviews of employee turnover, absences, holidays and sick leave are available. Furthermore, PSIpenta payroll accounting includes fully automatic attachment of wages and salary as well as the settlement of short-time compensation to the BfA (German federal employment agency). It also supports easy settlement of flexible accounts, partial retirement, company pension schemes and pension funds.

Data protection and access protection

The comprehensive data protection and access protection concept ensures that sensitive personnel and payroll information is accessible only to authorised persons. Data protection is carried out in parallel on the user level and data record level and applies right up to the field level.