Personnel Management

Tap into hidden potential

PSIpenta finance /Personnel Management is a comprehensive, powerful personnel information system with the functions stretching from applicant and trainee management to job descriptions and evaluations. It allows proactive planning of personnel using scenario techniques and efficiently supports effective controlling by using evaluations to analyse employee potential.



  • Store operational data and documents such as target agreements, assessments, employee discussions
  • Employee portal for master data administration by employees
  • Applicant management (including job profiles, cost control per advertisement)
  • Direct status change from suitable candidate to employee and transfer of all master data
  • Automatic and manual reminders of deadlines (e.g. expiring employment contracts or residence permits)

The module supports the targeted identification of employee potential from applicant management to job descriptions and evaluations. Easily map the organisational structure and create organisational charts for each structural unit including all data for the respective vacancy and employee.

Personnel information system


The standard version of the personnel information system provides employee data such as photo, birthday and anniversary list, curriculum vitae, seminars (visited/desired), qualifications and correspondence data.

Plan and budget for training or evaluate historical master data such as personnel holidays and absences at the push of a button. In this way, the system provides all functions required for the structured data management of employment and absences, partial retirement, parental leave, holiday entitlement, education and training, assessments and secondary activities.

Employee self service


Employees can be integrated into these processes using networked, process-optimized personnel management in the employee self-service system. For example, it includes an employee portal in which employees can self-manage their master data. This actively contributes to reducing the administrative burden on the personnel department.



Automatic and manual follow-ups remind the user of deadlines such as for expiring employment contracts or residence permits.

Holiday management


Employee absences are planned and managed in holiday management. The entire workflow can be mapped and logged from request to absence approval, such as for a vacation.

Applicant management


In applicant management, internal and external applicant information and digital documents are managed in an applicant pool made available for quick access. Job advertisements and applicant requirements can be defined. An application history, skill profile and all application documents are stored for each candidate. The applicant management system is integrated in MS Office, so that e.g. the time required for creating rejections or invitations to meetings can be automated and standardised using Microsoft Word®.