Travel Expense Management

Business trips made easy

PSIpenta finance / Travel Expense Management has been developed on a practical basis, from the rapid and efficient entry, planning and approval of business trips through checking to settlement and analysis. It allows compliance with applicable travel policies and collective agreements to be quickly checked. It consistently supports the business travel management process that runs through many departments of a company.


  • From recording, planning, approval of business trips and inspection up to accounting and evaluation
  • Mobile data collection possible using a web travel input station
  • Compliance with applicable travel policies and collective agreements
  • Selection of various payment variants such as wage payment or financial accounting payment procedures
  • Consideration of legal income tax directives for domestic and international travel
  • Standards for the use of the corporate posting solution (internal travel agency/travel office)
  • Considerable simplification through the import of credit card transactions

Travel costs

Features legal travel expense accounting in line with German law including flat rates for accommodation, food, midnight allowance, meal deductions etc. All of the countries and regions listed in German travel law are integrated with the relevant allowances and terms of validity. Statutory meal costs (domestic flat rates) are stored in the system and can be adjusted using the travel guidelines. This makes it possible to record multiple corporate policies for the entire enterprise or only for certain groups of employees. The taxable portion and tax-allowable expenses are calculated from the difference. A universal interface provides the option of adopting various source data such as credit card data, fuel card data etc. Extensive analysis functions are provided, such as user-specific search queries and analyses.

Recording business trips

In the general data, key travel data is defined, business partners are assigned to the trip, advances recorded in euro or in foreign currency etc. In the journey data, users can divide complex trips into sub-areas to enable all aspects to be clearly recorded and evaluated. Travel receipts can be posted in foreign currencies. European Central Bank currencies and exchange rates are stored in travel expense management and can be updated regularly via download. Multiple sub-items can be allocated for each travel receipt, such as hotel bill, car park etc.

Travel accounting

Integrated interfaces transfer the corresponding postings to the other modules of Finance and Human Resources Management. Travel expenses can also be paid out via this module and in cash.