Mobile ERP

Working on the move

Mobile devices are becoming ever more important for day-to-day work and are increasingly replacing notebooks. More and more employees work on the move in trains, planes or at customers' premises. Therefore, is makes sense to add mobile applications to certain ERP modules. In this way, employees can accomplish important tasks or make decisions, regardless of where they may be.


  • Illustration of important ERP functions on mobile devices
  • Advantages in terms of speed, data updates, error rates
  • Mobile processes for storage, production, service management and personnel time management

Integration of mobile processes

Employees who work with mobile devices are often disconnected from internal processes. Information concerning the scope or content of tasks is received late, media disruptions are a daily occurrence and the overall processes cannot be mapped consistently. A bridge can be built between the internal processes of a company and mobile employees using the communication capabilities of today's mobile devices and corresponding applications or apps. Business applications are supplemented to make necessary and important functions available.