Mobile applications for production

Error-free routine

PSIpenta Mobile ERP for production gives users the best possible overview of work order statuses. Up-to-date order-related material movements are always available. The module allows immediate posting at the point where the data is generated.


  • Material issue and additional issue
  • Material return from production
  • Work order feedback (start, end, interruption etc.)
  • Identity detection via barcode or RFID

Order-related material movements

Material issues for work orders are posted using PSIpenta Mobile ERP for production. Sufficient stock must be available at the specified storage location. Messages indicate insufficient stocks. Batch numbers can be taken into account. Unexpected additional issues may be necessary in production, e.g. due to scrap. If these exceed permissible tolerances for normal issue, issues of this kind are performed by posting an additional issue. If larger quantities are issued than required for work orders, the remaining goods from production can be posted back into the warehouse.

Feedback from work orders

Partially complete and complete messages can be posted directly from production using PSIpenta Mobile ERP for production. Partially complete messages (with goods received or cost unit charge) are automatically posted as completion messages once the target quantity has been reached. Yields, scrap quantities or rework quantities are also reported.

Information for production

The coverage situation for a certain item can be displayed at a specific time. The production journal records reported activities. The displayed journal records contain a selection of work order data.

Technical connection

The application runs on mobile computers with Microsoft Windows Mobile/CE equipped with a 1D or 2D scanner unit. The mobile computers communicate via wireless connection with a web service that creates connections to the database. If the network connection is missing, data collection is buffered offline and automatically re-processed after the connection is restored.