Mobile warehouse applications

Warehouse processes in your hand

PSIpenta Mobile ERP for storage provides users with the best possible overview of stocks, material movements and warehouse stocks on-hand. Up-to-date material movements are always available. The module allows immediate posting at the point where the data is generated.


  • Warehouse posting (goods received/goods issues/stock transfer)
  • Delivery slip label printing
  • Stock enquiries
  • Transport orders for trucks
  • Inventory count
  • Identity detection via barcode or RFID

Stock postings

If a vendor delivers material based on an order, this will be posted as a planned goods receipt:

  • To goods receipt stock: the delivery will be subjected to a quality check and then delivered to the inventory via stock transfer
  • To a storage location: the goods are delivered directly to a specified storage site
  • Directly into production: posted as cost unit posting

Goods in goods receipt stock can be reposted to a storage location or to production and from a storage location to production. Unplanned goods received are posted if the goods received cannot be assigned to a procedure (purchase order, work order, customer order). If there is no existing stock of the item in question at the desired storage location, a stock entry will be created. Unplanned goods issues are posted if the goods issue cannot be assigned to a procedure (purchase order, work order, customer order). The quantity of issued goods may be less or equal to the relevant stock quantity. The system also handles stock transfers of the warehouse—from one storage location to another storage location—and local stock transfers—stock locations within a storage location managed with sub-areas.

Inventory count

With PSIpenta Mobile ERP for storage management, the actual quantity of inventory items is recorded for storage locations as well as for stock location sub-areas. Zero quantities, repeat counts and deviations can be posted.

Storage Information

A selection of item data and item images stored on the web service can be displayed in the item information for simplified physical identification of items. The stock location sub-area information block displays either the entire stock of a storage location or specific stocks of a storage area or stock location sub-area. The item journal shows every stock movement posting as a journal record.

Technical connection

The application runs on mobile computers with Microsoft Windows Mobile/CE equipped with a 1D or 2D scanner unit. The mobile computers communicate via wireless connection with a web service that creates connections to the database. If the network connection is missing, data collection is buffered offline and automatically re-processed after the connection is restored.