Perfect Processes in Aerospace

Scalable Solutions for Individual Requirements

  • Project management:
    Project management with personnel scheduling
  • Maintenance:
    Maintenance and repair of machines in customer companies
  • Finite Capacity Scheduling:
    Detailed planning, contract management and monitoring of production
  • Mobile data acquisition:
    Mobile processes for warehouse, production and maintenance
  • Shop-floor data collection:
    Tracing of data order progress, cost and wage bill
  • Business Analytics:
    Corporate metrics for planning and forecasting on a daily basis



Add-on modules for integrated company solutions

Market requirements in the aerospace and power generation industries are different than those seen in medium-sized enterprise. ERP products with a commercial focus are not enough. Instead, these industries need intelligent enhancements with a comprehensive range of functions for production control. With its Planning, Execution & Control (PEC), PSI Automotive & Industry offers this client base a comprehensive, modular application portfolio.

As a highly specialised software developer, PSI Automotive & Industry has decades of experience in software development, consulting and managing large IT projects. We have been able to build our unique expertise by working together with clients, partners and leading research institutes.

Our range of services covers contract and project management, maintenance, conventional material management issues, right through to fine planning with managers and collecting shop-floor and machine data (SFDC, MDC).

Our customers from the automotive and automotive supplier use the standard modules of the ERP and MES portfolio to implement their own individual solution. Many users for instance use the following modules:

Project Management


Finite Capacity Scheduling

Time and Attendance

Business Analytics

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