Data Warehouse

Perfectly prepared

The PSIpenta Data Warehouse automatically prepares company data for reporting. Using an ETL process, data from the ERP system productive database is automatically stored in clear dimension tables and fact tables in a separate database schema, usually using overnight tasks. These dimension tables and fact tables are organised according to different business areas, known as metadata areas.


  • Separate database schema with dimension tables and fact tables
  • Organisation of dimension tables and fact tables according to different company areas known as metadata areas
  • Reporting templates for each metadata area
  • Instant creation of reports and analyses after activation of the Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse ERP-System PSIpenta
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Metadata areas

Sales — purchasing — cost accounting — production — SCM

Report templates

The standard version already contains a multitude of report templates: e.g. number of orders, quote overview/order overview, quote success rate, new orders, orders on hand, scrap rate, inventory development, customer group result/customer result, scheduled deliveries, delivery reliability by vendor, rework rate, NEE (net equipment effectiveness, OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), open deliveries, open invoices, productivity, quality rate, delivery date check, sales/revenue, planned/actual time comparison, late deliveries, work in progress.