Electronic Data Interchange

Easy EDI

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) — refers to the exchange of data using electronic transfer procedures. The application systems of the companies involved act as the sender, transporter and recipients of the messages. Uniform standards have emerged within the industry with the participation of companies and industry associations. PSIpentasolutionssupport both the EDI standards of the automotive supplier industry and the standards and platforms of other industrial sectors in the direct manufacturing industry.


  • Solutions for the supply industry and discrete manufacturing industry
  • Covering purchasing and sales processes
  • Prevents media discontinuity and recording errors
  • Synchronising master data
EDI ERP-System PSIpenta
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Inter-company processes

For some time, companies have been facing stringent requirements with regard to the coordination of their inter-company planning and transaction processes: customers increasingly demand shorter delivery times whilst the proportion of external product procurement is increasing. The electronic exchange of data supports the efficient design of supply chain management.

Communication free from media disruption

Media disruptions are a significant factor for loss of efficiency in communication with customers and vendors. All of the required data is available in the manufacturer's ERP system but, even today, is often still transferred via fax or email. The data must then be entered into the vendor's ERP system. This manual processing is time-consuming and prone to error.

Point2Point or network

For decades, car manufacturers have been using EDI guidelines and standards to handle business processes electronically within their supply chain. These procedures are designed as Point2Point communication.

These standards have not yet caught on in the discrete manufacturing industry. Therefore, a research project with myOpenFactory resulted in a platform that can be used to set up customer-vendor networks.