Shop-Floor Data Collection

Error-free production data

The Shop-Floor Data Collection module records all events that relate to work orders, workplaces or machines and are significant for identifying the progress of orders, quality assurance, traceability or operational cost accounting, or for calculating piecework or premiums.


  • Identification and provision of all information relevant to production
  • Allows a range of different messages relating to work orders or overhead cost orders
  • Exact data for costing and cost accounting
  • Option of working offline
  • Option of integration into upstream production planning and control system

Data collection

Work order data is collected using special data entry terminals or using software terminals running on touchscreen PCs with Microsoft Windows. The terminals can be configured for specific users. The PSIpenta Shop-Floor Data Collection module allows a range of different messages relating to current work orders or overhead cost orders: status, quantities, quality data, rejects, times and durations, or reasons for faults and reworks. Feedback with a personal reference can be used for performance-related remuneration systems. The terminals can also be operated offline. The confirmation data is buffered, enabling disruptions on the network to be bridged. The terminals communicate via a hardware-independent interface, which enables non-homogenous terminal structures to be operated together.


Stamps on the terminal allow prompt, user-friendly and fault-free collection of data from production, as well as plausibility checks, management and forwarding. The progress of a work order is entered on a hardware or software terminal using stamps (operation or personnel-based) and transferred to the server via the terminal communication link. Here, the stamp will undergo a two-stage plausibility check. Stamps definition is configurable. This enables customer-specific sequences, plausibility checks and error messages to be set up. Special forms can be mapped, such as dynamic and rigid group work, change of group work, unplanned activities, overhead cost activities etc.

Interaction with ERP and MES

Orders relevant for planning can be transferred from an upstream planning system and progress reports can be sent to that system. This communication can be made using the PSIpenta Production Planning and Control system or PSIpenta Finite Capacity Scheduler .

The key Shop-floor data collection functions include management of the central objects (employees, work order operations). Existing work order operations can be transferred from a higher level production control system (by restarting) or created internally in Shop-floor Data Collection system.

One special interface is the link from Shop-floor Data Collection module to the PSIpenta Personnel Time Management module. The personal time periods for the individual employees that are relevant to shop-floor data collection are transferred to measure the net order times and the actual processing times are determined. Personnel time management and shop-floor data collection work together to simplify comparisons between attendance time and production time, to simplify and to prevent redundant data.