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ERP + MES Software for Automotive Engineering

Nowadays, customers demand that manufacturers of commercial vehicles, custom vehicle bodies, and mobile homes produce a large number of variants, at low costs, and to strict deadlines. The ability to compete requires extremely efficient management and production processes. The solution: An ERP system that enables single-item and variant manufacturing in series production.

What sounded impossible to reconcile just a few years ago is now possible, thanks to powerful variant management, simple self-customizable processes, and optimized production planning. We will gladly help you get where you want to go—automotive manufacturing is our passion.

Automotive engineering solutions are our passion

Screenshots aus PSIpenta ERP

Intuitive functions for automotive engineering:

  • Order management for processes specific to automotive engineering:
    Industry expertise, growing bills of materials, complete traceability of batch and serial numbers, optimized synergies between ERP and CAD and much more
  • Powerful variant management:
    Manage your customized product designs—including cost accounting
  • Supply chain management:
    Plan and optimize the flow of materials, information and payments
  • Platform for modifiable production:
    Adapt processes and interfaces yourself, extremely quickly and easily
  • Adaptive planning:
    Leverage resources and adhere to deadlines using intelligent planning tools
  • Quality management in production:
    Efficient quality assurance processes with low error rates

Industry Solutions for Automotive Engineering

Screenshot Modul Adaptive Planung

Adaptive Planning 

Icon Adaptive Planung

As manufacturing processes become increasingly complex, traditional tools or manual planning methods can quickly reach their limits. APS software goes one step further and makes your production intelligent. This means that adaptive solutions—ones that can factor in all planning levels, automatically react to faults and optimize your production using intelligent control components—are the ideal way to expand your ERP system.

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[Translate to English:] Screenshot Modul Kostenrechnung

Cost Accounting

[Translate to English:] Modul-Icon PSIpenta ERP Kostenrechnung

PSI offers cost accounting specifically designed for manufacturing companies, enabling you to accurately categorize operational developments in terms of direct cost-oriented cost unit accounting. In this way, it is possible to precisely plan for costs and revenues. The Cost Accounting ERP module provides an overview of planned, target and actual costs at all times.

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Icon Multisite

Plants can be combined into one central area for financial accounting/cost accounting. Alongside cross-plant logistical and commercial processes, establishing centralized services for sales and procurement serves as an additional means of ensuring that commercial requirements are handled securely and effectively.

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Service Management

Icon Servicemanagement

Service Management, integrated into the ERP system, is the ideal software for optimizing your in-house processes and using maintenance to generate business revenue. Predictive Maintenance can create additional benefits for companies.

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[Translate to English:] Screenshot Modul Variantenmanagement

Variant Management

[Translate to English:] Modul-Icon PSIpenta ERP Variantenmanagement

Companies need to optimize their operations using effective variant management if they want to avoid chaotic internal growth, inefficient order processing and rising costs. The solution: Product configuration using PSIpenta Variant Management, directly in the ERP system. This gives the user an effective means of planning and controlling customized product designs.

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Experiences with PSIpenta

Portrait Johann Kropf, Schwarzmueller GmbH

« We leverage huge potentials thanks to the consistency of and ability to integrate the various solutions and business processes. »


Johann Kropf
Head of IT
Wilhelm Schwarzmüller GmbH

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Gabriele Kamphoff

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