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ERP + MES Software for Equipment and Apparatus Engineering

Time and again, the market places new, tough demands on equipment and plant engineering companies. Customers demand customized products, but expect the price-performance ratio of a large series manufacturer. As a result, an ERP system needs to facilitate the management of a wide range of variants, efficiently control complex production processes, and guarantee delivery reliability.

To do this, the ideal ERP system needs to feature multi-level orders, growing bills of materials and strong costing capabilities. But we don't just focus on our ERP software, specifically designed for equipment and plant engineering. The continuous development and optimization of your processes is mostly based on teamwork. Our equipment and plant engineering background means that we know the challenges you face. Let us work with you to find the best solutions for your production.

Equipment and apparatus engineering solutions are our passion

Screenshots aus PSIpenta ERP

Intuitive functions for equipment and apparatus engineering:

  • Order management for processes specific to equipment and apparatus engineering:
    ERP provider with profound industry expertise in equipment and apparatus engineering
  • Platform for modifiable production:
    Adapt processes and interfaces yourself, extremely quickly and easily
  • Well-developed finite capacity scheduler for detail planning:
    Detailed planning of production orders and growing bills of materials
  • Adaptive delivery schedule calculation:
    Guarantee reliable delivery with intelligent production planning
  • Shop-floor data collection—also via app:
    Process-oriented interfaces for smooth processes
  • Powerful variant management:
    Manage your customized product designs—including cost accounting
  • Multisite for the supplier industry:
    Multi-plant control system enables planning across multiple sites

Industry Solutions for Eqiupment and Apparatus Engineering

[Translate to English:] Screenshot Modul Adaptive Lieferterminermittlung

Adaptive Delivery Schedule Calculation

[Translate to English:] Modul-Icon PSIpenta ERP Adaptive Lieferterminermittlung

The availability of materials and capacity are fully factored in using the BOM structure for all orders. This means that a balance between customer requirements and the current production and delivery situation can always be ensured for Sales.

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[Translate to English:] Screenshot Modul Betriebsdatenerfassung

Shop Floor Data Collection

[Translate to English:] Modul-Icon PSIpenta ERP Betriebsdatenerfassung

The ideal tool for this is a shop-floor data collection system that not only guarantees prompt, user-friendly, and error-free data collection; it also immediately checks the results for plausibility and automatically transfers them to the applicable management software. Shop-floor data collection ensures that data for production is available where it is needed without the need for manual input; it can then be processed directly.

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[Translate to English:] Screenshot Modul Kostenrechnung

Cost Accounting

[Translate to English:] Modul-Icon PSIpenta ERP Kostenrechnung

PSI offers cost accounting specifically designed for manufacturing companies, enabling you to accurately categorize operational developments in terms of direct cost-oriented cost unit accounting. In this way, it is possible to precisely plan for costs and revenues. The Cost Accounting ERP module provides an overview of planned, target and actual costs at all times.

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[Translate to English:] Screenshot Modul Multisite


Icon Multisite

Plants can be combined into one central area for financial accounting/cost accounting. Alongside cross-plant logistical and commercial processes, establishing centralized services for sales and procurement serves as an additional means of ensuring that commercial requirements are handled securely and effectively.

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[Translate to English:] Screenshot Modul Variantenmanagement

Variant Management

[Translate to English:] Modul-Icon PSIpenta ERP Variantenmanagement

Companies need to optimize their operations using effective variant management if they want to avoid chaotic internal growth, inefficient order processing and rising costs. The solution: Product configuration using PSIpenta Variant Management, directly in the ERP system. This gives the user an effective means of planning and controlling customized product designs.

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Experiences with PSIpenta

Yvonne Grünewald, Weber Kunststoff-Verarbeitung GmbH

« Our material and production planning process is now much more in-Depth and efficient. The results can be clearly seen in the operating figures. »



Yvonne Grünewald
Head of Controlling
Weber Kunststofftechnik

To the detailed reference »

Portrait Anja Ritter, GEA


« Its proximity to production is the 
key strength of PSIpenta. »



Anja Ritter
ERP Project Manager
GEA Refrigeration Germany

Zur Referenz im Detail »

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Gabriele Kamphoff

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