Project Management

Professionals plan in parallel

The extended project management system PSIprofessional (PMx) combines traditional project management with personnel deployment planning and a feedback system to provide a functionally and comprehensive solution. Deadlines, processes, resources and costs of projects are integrated and coordinated holistically across the company.


  • Optimum combination of project management, personnel deployment planning and feedback system
  • Simultaneous coordination and control of different projects
  • Competence management factors in employee skills and experiences for optimum resource planning
  • Forward and backward scheduling
  • Instant identification of project discrepancies by comparing planned and actual data from the feedback system
  • Project structures for displaying alternative views of a project, e.g. system structure or commercial conditions

Multi-project management

Multi-project management is a central component of the PSIprofessional Project Management System and supports the resource planning, organisational planning and cross-project planning. Multiple projects can be controlled at the same time. When planning critical project resources, the process has to factor in numerous independent projects or work packages that may be competing for resources. The project deadlines can be determined and the milestones planned at any time using forward or backward scheduling.

Personnel deployment planning with competence management

Personnel deployment planning with the addition of competence management enables the required employee capacities to be assigned to the planned projects, taking into account the capabilities and experience of the specific employees, thereby ensuring that utilisation of resources is as seamless as possible. The working time models of all employees are available integrated in an ERP system.

Feedback system

For effective project controlling, the feedback system provides different options for the collection of actual data: timesheet, work data sheets, feedback on terminals or data from the company-wide shop-floor data collectionand personnel time management systems. Planning data is compared with the actual data in the project management system. This means that deviations in the project can be identified immediately and the project manager can take appropriate action, where necessary.

Project structures

In addition to sequence-oriented project planning, the ERP core provides the option of using project structures. Project structures can be used to display alternative views of a project, for example, the plant structure or according to commercial aspects.