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Sector-specific ERP + MES software for manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies today are entirely dependent on an ERP system, which optimally supports sector-specific processes and standards. We understand the challenges faced by our customers and collaborate with them to realize ERP + MES solutions, which optimize processes and make production more efficient.

The secret of our success: We are experts and share our customers’ strong passion for manufacturing processes. With your company-specific expertise and our sector competence, we support you in getting the most out of your production.

  • ·        Order management for sector-specific processes

  • ·        ERP and MES from a single source

  • ·        Mapping of serial production, variant production, individual production, and job order production

  • ·        Tailored solutions for medium-sized manufacturing companies

  • ·        Individual adjustments based on the PSIpenta standard

Profound industry knowledge from experts in production

An Overview of Our Industry Solutions

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