Our solutions support the structural changes of industry 4.0

As one of the most experienced software companies in Germany PSI has many years of expertise and products that cover the entire production and logistics process as well as all planning levels. We are able to support the gradual implementation of the fourth industrial revolution effectively.

In close cooperation with leading partners from science, research and industrial company, we are involved in several research projects on the implementation of the vision of industry 4.0 in production and logistics. The combination of customer focus, pioneering research projects and important industry standards as part of our group platform is an essential part of our product strategy. At the annual Hanover Fair, we regularly present scenarios and their affiliated innovations. At the same time our "industry 4.0 magazine" can serve as accompanying literature.

This ensures that our solutions take into account present and future trends and actively support the structural changes to industry 4.0.

What exactly is Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet?

Industry 4.0, also referred to as the fourth industrial revolution or Industrial Internet, includes a key innovation in the manufacturing sector. With the onset of the fourth industrial revolution all components of the network are interconnected, and "intelligent". The term production chain is expanded and then covers the entire value chain of a product, from raw material acquisition through production and use, to service and recycling. A new understanding of the product is enabled by the networking of originally independent components. Throughout its production life, the product is available and modifiable through sophisticated information and communication technology (ICT) systems , allowing smaller lot sizes and fulfillment of the needs of individual customers without the risk of economic loss.

In the center of the Industry 4.0 approach is the "intelligence" of so-called cyber-physical system (CPS). These systems represent objects with independent, decentralized control, which automatically connect to network, exchange information and evaluate a decentralized manner and thus use it intelligently. These technologies enable a merger between the real and the virtual world. Thus, the data from the Internet, the Internet of Things and even the services in the company, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders are simultaneously crosslinked.

Industry 4.0