Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Detailed planning and implementation: smooth connection between order processing and production process

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a process-oriented multi-layer operating level production management system. The MES is used for continuous, i.e. real time, controlled execution of existing and current production plans and for getting feedback from the processes. Usually, it has a direct connection to the various systems at the process automation level. These include traditional data collection and all other processes that have a real-time effect on the production process.


  • Modular MES system
  • Real-time production control
  • Simple integration into any ERP system
  • Finite capacity scheduling for graphical detail planning against limited capacity and sequence creation
  • Operating data, machine data and personnel time recording
  • SCADA solutions

ERP and MES in optimum interaction

Today, companies are increasingly merging with the structures of their suppliers and customers. This creates more complex cross-company processes that must be supported by software. Processes can only be optimised from the management level to the workshop level by creating a connection between the planning and implementation level, i.e. connecting the production process with commercial order processing. This is really what makes the ERP system so valuable and effective.

It combines information for planning, tracking and organisation of all production steps and in this way connects order processing with the control systems of the production world. Linking the manufacturing execution system (MES) with the ERP facilitates optimum interaction between production planning and control.

With the PSIpenta ERP and MES-Suite, PSI Automotive & Industry provides an integrated, custom-configurable, standard software portfolio that covers all horizontal and vertical company processes.

Our MES solution consists of individual components that interact harmoniously in an complete integrated solution.