Production Control Center

Complete overview

The production control center integrates a wide range of specialised production control systems horizontally along the value chain and vertically from workshop level to the administrative functional areas. The status of the (digital) factory can be identified at any time. Proven, scalable visualisation options can be used to display the cross-divisional production layout, machine states and process parameters or to reproduce production figures online. This results in a complete view of the current production situation. Relationships are comprehensively represented, higher-level reference variables can be derived and quick, accurate decisions are supported.

Leitwarte MES PSIpenta


  • Up-to-date overview of production status at all times
  • Cross-divisional display options for various parameters
  • Comprehensive representation of correlations
  • Fast, accurate decision-making support
  • Stabilisation and acceleration of production processes

Acceleration and stabilisation of production processes

The production control center establishes a connection between the technical production processes and the planning and control processes. This is achieved through flexible links to existing IT systems, up to and including the automation technology used by the production facilities. This ensures complete coverage of production and its associated systems. The current status of the production process can be identified at all times, allowing a rapid response to any deviations or faults. This stabilises and accelerates the production processes. The control center architecture is designed for operation in high-availability IT infrastructures.