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The PRODUCTION manager is published four times a year and informs about the latest developments on the market for software solutions in the field of logistics and production.

You will also find on our blog selected articles from the current issue as well as other interesting topics about energy supply and public transport.

Current cover story

7 ERP Trends for 2022

Sustainable and digital towards the future

How do we move beyond the dilemma of economic growth versus disrupted supply chains? As much as the yearning for simple answers and solutions are high, there is not just one answer for this multi-layered topic, which involves organization, people and technology. What is clear is that the systems supporting the value-creating processes must be fit for the challenges of the future. The objective must be to create value with modern technologies.

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Recommended articles

Insights into the successful cooperation between ASAŞ Alüminyum and PSI Metals

Since PSI Metals was founded, the business has changed dramatically. Back then like today, people—customers and employees—made the company what it is. In his LinkedIn interview series “Detlef keeps people from working” PSI Metals Director of Business Development Detlef Schmitz introduces some of them to you! In the latest interview, he talked to Alpay Ekşi, Plant Director at ASAŞ Alüminyum in Turkey, who has worked in production planning area for many years. He was a project manager for PSImetals implementation, then became an operations manager, and also enjoys living in a three-generation home.

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Integration of the Qualicision Service in interaction with the ERP system PSIpenta

As companies’ procurement functions become increasingly important, systematic data-based evaluations of suppliers are becoming more and more important in industrial production, too. PSIpenta’s ERP supplier evaluation with its integrated AI-based Qualicision Service is used to identify the top performing suppliers based on multi-criteria decision support in accordance with ABC categories. The other suppliers are objectively evaluated and put forward for a comprehensible selection.

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Intelligent and proactive route planning with PSI Smart Routing Services

PSI Smart Routing Services (PSIsrs), which have been specially designed to address the requirements of logistics and industry, facilitate intelligent and proactive route planning supported by experience-based algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI).

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