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The PRODUCTION manager is published four times a year and informs about the latest developments on the market for software solutions in the field of logistics and production.

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Current cover story

Individually Configurable Standard Systems

Successfully implementing digital processes and business models

On the basis of a uniform development environment throughout theGroup, PSI’s software systems guarantee a scope of services that is precisely tailored to a company’s requirements and thus differentiates the company from its competitors. With innovative functionalities and customer-specific configuration, it is possible to meet the demands of a proven system standard at the same time. These offer maximum flexibility, individualization and investment security.

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Recommended articles

The Big Five of ERP Usability

Data backbone, information hub, integration hub—ERP systems are the linchpin of information technology in many companies. To achieve this, they rely on a tremendous depth and breadth of functions, which means that the solutions are not always easy to use. But user satisfaction is not the only thing that stands or falls with usability. As an essential component of usability, it is also directly linked to data quality, processing speed and productivity. Five building blocks ensure that an ERP system can be operated efficiently—regardless of its functional scope.

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After the Project is Before the Project

thyssenkrupp Rasselstein is one of PSI Metals’ earliest customers. Hence, the business relationship between the two companies is characterized by deep ties and mutual trust. Many highs and lows have been overcome together. By far the most important milestone, however, was reached in March 2021: the final acceptance of the joint project “PE@TiM” (Production Execution@Tinplate Manufacturing). The PSImetals modules Production, Quality, Logistic, Planning and Order Scheduling were successfully put into operation.

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PSIasm Powered by Qualicision

PSIasm/Qualicision is a powerful tool for managing and visualizing multiple resources in chained production processes. An integrated basic scheduling feature allows planning simple workflows. For more complex workflows, the consideration of multi-criteria key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential for planning in the PSIasm basic tool. The integration of Qualicision technology creates added value that combines technological software progress with optimization intelligence.

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