FrymaKoruma AG relies on PSIpenta

Precisely customized apps for time management, warehousing, and shipping

A machine and equipment manufacturer, FrymaKoruma is involved in projects for time-intensive development and manufacture of machines based on highly complex technology. Precise planning is the be-all and end-all for securing efficient management of all the required resources and reliable compliance with schedules. Thanks to the integrated ERP-MES solution and precisely customized apps, obstacles to efficiency can be eliminated step by step.

Key Facts

Main site: Rheinfelden | Switzerland

Employees: 150

Production type: Project finisher

Customers: FrymaKoruma has been one of the brand names of the ProXES Group since 2014. ProXES combines three leading process technology brand names under one corporate umbrella: FrymaKoruma, Stephan, and Terlet. ProXES combines the many years of expertise found in these three enterprises in its operations as a manufacturer of machinery, equipment, and process lines and solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.