Active users for strong solutions

Community of PSIpenta users (IPA)

The so called IPA is an independent association of all PSIPENTA clients. The association provides a forum for exchanging information on how to use PSIPENTA software products, and on their functions and implementation options. Its members, who are organized into national state and regional working groups and expert committees, formulate cross-company requirements for functional programme developments. 

Each year, members of the user groups elect their state committee at the annual conference. The committee represents the user group in discussions with PSIPENTA and public bodies, organizes the annual conference and puts together the expert working groups. 

The software providers, members and the committee work together to develop the topics for the annual conference. The presentations and workshops place great emphasis on linking the technology to practical use. Mixed teams of users and PSIPENTA employees present new solutions and strategies to the participants. 

For more information on the last annual conference, visit our media center.

Appreciating loyalty

Open exchange of experiences

As is well known, a satisfied customer is both the best reference and the strongest selling point. Since software is not something that customers can taste, feel, or touch, the proof must come from live operation. This means we rely on our users to act as reference customers and to share their experiences of the benefits, stability and efficiency of the system. Unfortunately, such openness cannot be taken for granted: after all, customers could offer insights into their own competitive advantages.

This is why we reward such commitment with our bonus programme “Competence Customer”. Customers who are willing to host reference visits, submit success stories or hold presentations are rewarded via a bonus system, which is offset against certain services over the course of the business year.

At the customer conference in November, we honour the most committed PSIpenta user of the year with the “Competence Customer Award”.

For more information on the last annual conference, visit our media center.