Visualisation and control of resources and costs

  • Finite capacity scheduling:
    detailed planning, order control and production monitoring
  • SCADA:
    order-related information in the human-machine interface
  • Production control center:
    scalable visualisation of cross-area representation of the production layout, machine states, process parameters and illustration of production figures
  • Cost accounting:
    direct-cost-oriented cost unit accounting with order reference for planning and costing of customer and stock orders, as well as internal jobs and investment projects

Optimisation of costs and resources

The Control category includes all software-supported areas that monitor cross-area processes with regard to cost and resource optimisation. Various data sources are visualised on a medium such as the finite capacity scheduling system or the control system. Clearly presented data not only makes production transparent but also allows processes to be optimised across levels.


Every company requires additional functionalities for process implementation at different points. The following modules have already been used on various projects. All other modules from our ERP and MES portfolio can also be used.

Finite Capacity Scheduling

Production Control System

Cost Accounting

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