Look into the future

The PSIpenta Advanced Planning & Scheduling / Dashboard can be used as a central control and management tool for the Self-Regulating Mechanisms, delivery deadline determination — Capable-to-Promise and Dynamic Production Adjustment modules. The Dashboard links the data present within the system and consolidates it to determine key logistical or commercial figures (key performance indicators). The consolidation quantifies the corresponding key figures so that the obtained information can be qualified.


  • Technical implementation and consolidated display of key process figures
  • Identification of key figures to improve production output
  • Graphic representation of order networks as a chart or Gantt chart
  • Highlighting of critical paths
  • Automatic identification and weighting of (disruptive) factors relevant to processes
  • Action proposals for disturbance variables that cannot be controlled automatically

Key figures from process data

The process data is prepared graphically and shown broken down by topic sets. Key figures such as stock and consumption information, missing stocks, adherence to deadlines or utilisation of work centres are displayed in the Dashboard. Drill-down functions allow access to the relevant databases and assist the evaluation of the current situation in the value-adding processes. The provision of the logistical figures ensures ongoing monitoring of success. Potential and opportunities to intervene in the process can be identified. In addition to the logistical figures, key commercial figures for controlling the company are identified. The concurrent calculation of key logistical and commercial figures enables measures for improving the results to be established immediately.

Graphical representation

The Dashboard provides a uniform view of the results of the production process. All the departments and areas involved are thus incorporated into the cross-process working method. The order networks and the sequence of work centres can also be displayed graphically as, for example, ABC/XYZ analyses. The work order networks created are displayed as a chart or Gantt chart. The critical path is highlighted.