Machine Data Acquisition

On the pulse of production

PSIpenta Machine Data Acquisition integrates machines and equipment into existing ERP and MES software landscapes. It collects and provides reports on machine states, quantities and process values. In the same way as shop-floor data collection events, PSIpenta Machine Data Acquisition processes machine data and reports results to leading planning systems. The production figures and reports based on the machine data are available at any time. Events such as manufactured product quantities or faults that have occurred are no longer collected using shop-floor data collection stamps, but automatically extracted from the machine data.


  • Possibility of direct influence on production
  • Integrated email/SMS messenger service provides notification of deviations or faults
  • Integration in Shop-floor Data Collection system for comparisons between postings entered manually and automatically
  • Operator support on software terminal
  • Extensive reports

Influencing machines directly

Depending on the machine type, integration is achieved using existing interfaces and/or Ethernet TCP/IP bus controllers, to which one or more machines are connected. It is also possible to integrate the controllers directly and thus influence the status of the machine. This enables the software to block the machine in definable situations and to influence the production process. The integrated email/SMS messenger service allows employees to be informed if there are any deviations or faults. Machine Data Acquisition events can trigger automatic alarm messages, QA sample testing or maintenance operations. Possible Machine Data Acquisition data includes:

  • Counter data (e.g. number of lifting pieces)
  • Process data (e.g. coolant temperature)
  • Status (main and auxiliary times)
  • Alarms/warnings (e.g. "Door open", "Normal temperature exceeded")

Software terminal

The solution is integrated into the existing Shop-floor Data Collection software terminal, ensuring that postings entered manually and automatically can be compared. This allows the reasons for faults or rejects to be posted manually when the event occurs and also enables maintenance engineers to make entries directly on the machine. Machine data appears on the Shop-floor Data Collection software terminal:

  • Displays Machine Data Acquisition counters and status
  • Special dialogue with extensive Machine data
  • Operator support (registration of work, downtime justification, quantity messages)
  • Number of past downtime periods without reason
  • Current operation
  • Workplace condition as a coloured dot and as a coloured background for operation information
  • Absolute counter value for total operation
  • Relative counter value since operation start or change of shift


Machine data can be illustrated and evaluated using web-based reporting. Standard evaluations for PSIpenta Machine Data Acquisition display:

  • Current machine status
  • Machine status history
  • Degree of utilization of machines
  • Shop order-related Machine data
  • Sensor data

The evaluation data can be printed and saved in popular formats such as PDF, XLS (Microsoft Excel), Microsoft Word (DOC) or HTML.