Just-in-Sequence (JIS) for the automotive industry

Trouble-free deliveries straight to the production line

The just-in-sequence solution PSIjis automates and streamlines the core processes of sequence planning for supplying assembly units to the production line. The JIS system is a key functional production module in the automotive industry. It can either be used to supplement the PSIpenta ERP system or can be integrated into an existing software infrastructure as a stand-alone module.


  • Individual, production-synchronous sequencing and assembly control with Qualicision®
  • Production-synchronous delivery and sequencing in transport containers with scan checks including label management
  • Application of mobile solutions
  • Configurable process monitoring and passing on of alarms by means of the system, SMS and email in real time
  • Open interfaces to ERP and test systems
  • Documentation and traceability for batch and serial numbers
  • Local processing with high-level availability including own master data
  • Standard EDI processing
  • Multi-level emergency concept
  • Commercial control through integration of credit notes and repeat orders

Perfection in sequencing

For automotive suppliers, Just-in-Sequence (JIS) used to mean above all meeting OEM targets. This often meant that the supplier's own economic goals suffered. Thanks to Qualicision®-based sequencing in PSIjis, production sequences are created that are also optimised for the supplier. PSIjis supports a highly automated, sequence-optimised and synchronous production and delivery from the supplier to car manufacturer. In other words, different variants of the same part or pre-configured module are delivered to the car manufacturer's assembly line at the right time in the right sequence and position. Qualicision® technology simultaneously creates optimum sequences, in other words production or assembly sequences, both from the supplier perspective, that of the external service provider, and at the OEM. This leads to improved efficiency for all parties involved.

Just-in-sequence module architecture

The PSIjis module is a stand-alone module that can be integrated into an existing software infrastructure at any time. The system's processes are self-contained and are equipped with interfaces to ERP systems. This therefore guarantees that the value flow and core processes chain within the ERP system is uninterrupted. Call integration and sequence planning take place automatically via the EDI interface and its own associated PSIjis database. The core of the PSIjis database is the information system that provides information regarding vehicles that are in production or pre-production as well as vehicles already produced. This data basis is used to manage all PSIjis module processes by means of their status information in the sense of a workflow. The open architecture means that customer-specific adjustments to the workflow are possible at any time. The architecture of the PSIjis module is designed for 365/7 operation.

Advantages of PSIjis

  • On-time delivery of required parts to the production line in the correct order
  • Option of short-term configurations requested by the customer
  • Generation of production or picking orders at a freely definable time
  • Filtering and evaluation according to different selection criteria
  • Automatic loading of containers up to delivery
  • Compilation of loads including loading list

Sequencing using just-in-sequence

Beyond standard JIS functionalities, Qualicision® technology supports sequencing optimisation in production or assembly for the OEM and/or supplier in order to achieve a balanced production flow with regard to human and machine resources. Qualicison is a software and consulting concept that ensures and optimises process quality. It does this by comparing conflicting targets and criteria using intelligent recording and analysis. Qualicision ensures re-optimisation of planning as soon as possible in the event of a problem and its subsequent resolution. In a situation, decisions on sequences are made rapidly using clear parameters and heuristics. The system continually adapts planning and execution so that they do not conflict with the range of possible variants.

Use of PSIjis

The PSIjis module is aimed at suppliers to the automotive industry who deliver their components (e.g. wiring harnesses, seat systems, cockpits, engines, gearboxes, tank containers, mirrors, interior parts including headliner, locking systems) just-in-sequence. External service providers such as forwarding agents can use the PSIjis module as system suppliers to harmonise process steps.