Time and Attendance

Transparency for all employees

In the Time and Attendance system, all employee stamps are electronically recorded, checked for plausibility and evaluated. Online plausibility checks detect erroneous entries. Comparison with the valid timetable and possible exceptions indicates deviations from the agreed working time model. The personnel department receives up-to-date overviews of workforce absences, shifts and overtime. Personnel planners see the actual and planned attendance and absence times of personnel.


  • Personnel master data can be transferred from the personnel department
  • Working time models with validity definitions
  • Time accounts incl. internal company regulations, global exception regulations, individual agreements
  • Standard or optional stamping with expansion
  • To-the-day settlement over extended periods of time and accumulation of accounts
  • Change history
  • Convenient error corrections
  • Integration with PSIpenta Shop-Floor Data Collection and PSIpenta Access Control

Real-time time balances

Processing all personal timestamps guarantees that all generated information is up to date and precise to the minute. This benefits all employees, as they can view their personal stamps and current time balance at any time.

Time models and works agreements

Flexible working time models are being used more and more often, along with requirement-led planning, to make better use of capacities. New time models can be defined at any time. This enables the current works agreements on the subjects of working time, overtime and bonuses to be supported. New and backdated changes to the works agreement can be implemented. The Time and Attendance module automatically determines the resulting differences for wage data that has already been transferred.

Time accounts and additional information

Time accounts can be individually defined using freely definable account run times. Time accounts can be given setpoint values as well as company-specific transfer and remuneration rules. Furthermore, executives and managers can generate additional, individual management information, e.g. key figures, evaluations and lists.

Link to wage and salary systems

The module can be linked to various wage and salary systems for transferring data. Data can be transferred to PSIpenta finance Human Resource Management or other payroll accounting systems, such as PAISY (P1 and P3 rates), Loga 2000 and DATEV.

No master data redundancy

It is possible to import personnel master data and personnel time stands from an ASCII file. By integrating personnel time management and shop-floor data collection, no redundant personnel master data is generated and attendance times and production times are automatically compared. This forms the basis for a net costing in the ERP system.