Order Management

The connection between commercial and productive levels


  • Central link module to upstream ERP systems
  • Bridges gap between planning level (business management software) and implementation level in production
  • Modular design for easy adaptability
  • Definition of specialist orders that the ERP system does not know; e.g. rework orders
  • Definition of criteria that are not managed in the ERP system but are required for production optimisation
  • Management of workshop stock (work in process)
  • Covers all requirements for order-related one-off and repeat production, made-to-order and series production

Modular design — versatile adaptation options

PSIpenta Order Management is modular in design and its scope of functions can be easily adapted to the operational situation. Set-ups with multiple plants or production facilities are thus very easily supported. Equipped with flexibly configurable and online-compatible interfaces, it stores master data and movement data, synchronises it (automatically) with the higher-level systems and links it with the available MES components.

Order management combines standard business software systems with the implementation level in production. The use of this central linking module in combination with enterprise application integration tool PSIintegration allows the simple integration of the selected Planning, Execution and Control modules without needing additional interfaces. Orders that are not managed by the ERP system can be planned and implemented using order management. Criteria are defined for production optimisation, which are not required in the ERP system.