Delivery deadline determination (Capable-to-Promise)

Legendary delivery reliability

Determining delivery dates on the basis of Capable-to-Promise helps to calculate and comply with the earliest possible realistic delivery deadline. Customer requests are aligned with the current production and delivery situations. Both in-house manufactured parts and supplier parts are analysed. Decision proposals are generated automatically and transferred from PSIpenta Advanced Planning & Scheduling to the ERP system. This module can also be used in conjunction with variant management.


  • Realistic delivery dates
  • No start dates in the past thanks to combined forward/backward scheduling
  • Immediate reservation of stocks and receipts
  • Identification of critical assemblies
  • Consideration of limited capacity through analysis of bottleneck work centres (via capacity tables)
  • Specification of a permitted overload
  • Simulation of different availability and delivery deadline scenarios
  • Synchronising shipping and transport may allow adjustment of production deadlines
  • Graphic visualisation (optional)
Lieferterminermittlung ERP-System PSIpenta

Determine delivery deadlines

Delivery deadline determination based on CTP prevents order start dates in the past, i.e. the actual utilisation situation and material availability are factored into scheduling. CTP achieves this by using a combination of forward/backward scheduling. Material availability and capacity availability are factored into all orders through the bill of material structure. Critical stocks and receipts can be reserved to guarantee the delivery deadline. This means that requirements already reserved are not scheduled more than once. Cross-departmental implementation also increases transparency for the buyer regarding critical items that can be planned accordingly.

Complete deliveries

Aligning the deadlines for a transaction with the latest delivery deadline from all transaction lines can be used for complete deliveries. The dates of the individual lines are automatically transferred to the production structures. The start dates for procurement or production are generally fixed for requested delivery deadlines. CTP identifies all critical planning on the basis of the current stock coverage and checks that there is the requisite capacity to cover operations.

Joint scheduling

Complex products comprising different standard assemblies can be scheduled individually or as a whole assembly. The composition of customer transaction lines from several orders allows delivery cycles that are defined by specific transport and shipping agreements. Synchronising shipping and transport may result in delivery deadlines that require an adjustment of the deadlines in production.