Sales and Operations Planning

Planning is everything

Sales planning is an essential component of business planning. It encompasses the simultaneous viewing of strategic (sales) and operational (resource requirements) aspects and connects the planning level with the implementation level.


  • Sales planning for individual products or product groups per customer, customer group, sales area
  • Simultaneous management of different sales plans (time periods, market developments, initial rationale)
  • Derivation of material requirements, capacities, sales and contributions
  • Identification of bottlenecks

Controlling business processes

Sales planning is essentially used as a basis both for sales orientation and for controlling the future availability of resources. Anticipated bottlenecks are also identifiable. Sales and resources planning (capacity, materials) provide key information for successfully controlling all the activities in a company (including cross-site activities). The time scale can be chosen according to requirements.

Planning process

The planning process is either bottom-up or top-down. Bottom-up planning refers to products or groups of products to be planned. Results are consolidated "upwards". With top-down planning, the specifications for groups of products are processed downwards. Both methods can be used in parallel in PSIpenta Sales and Operations Planning.

Sales and Operations Plan

The results of the sales and operations planning are the sales plan (for products) itself and a turnover, capacity and material plan. Observations can be limited to certain periods and as many plans as required can be created. Cross-plant aspects are also included.

The results of the sales and operations planning can be used further in the production planning and control or can form the basis for this.