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Easy Compliance Management Using the ERP System

Certification, quality seals and standards are becoming increasingly important for production. If products are given a quality seal, the component parts of these products are subject to a conformity assessment. As a a result, customers are increasingly demanding proof of compliance with these standards in the form of a declaration of conformity.

For the company itself to be certified, it is also necessary to request declarations of conformity from suppliers, and to manage any declarations issued. Without the right software, this process can be tedious and require a lot of input. PSIpenta Compliance Management is the easy way to keep track of all processes relating to the conformity assessment procedure and to compliance management.

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Benefits for You

Controlling the Declaration of Comformity

  • Record of testing and integration with ERP

  • Send requests and reminders to suppliers and manage their declarations of conformity

  • Automatic conformity checking during receipt of goods

  • Convenient creation, monitoring and management of the company's own declarations of conformity 

  • Conformity inspection intervals (date-based or quantity-based) at system level assist the user

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Gabriele Kamphoff

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