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Efficient, Predictive Warehouse Management

As well as optimizing actual production, there is still further optimization potential in logistics that is not to be underestimated. Industry-compliant solutions for warehouse management (WMS) and in-house transport management (TMS) enable precise logistics for materials, from incoming goods to a more flexible approach during bottleneck situations.

If you want to improve supply to production lines, incoming goods, or material flows, you should be able to rely on software that has no media disruptions and that features a uniform database in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The Warehouse Management and Transport Management ERP modules are the ideal complement to your ERP system for achieving optimized logistics.

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Benefits for You

Optimize Logistics

  • Optimization of Intralogistics & Supply of Production Lines

  • Ideal support for industry-standard processes: multi-level replenishment, event management, requirements relating to kitting and value-added services, JIS/JIT, multi-order picking, container management

  • Effective optimization of materials flow

  • Priority-Oriented Planning & Optimization of Resources

  • Shared database and interfaces between ERP, WMS and TMS

  • eKanBan & Forklift Truck Control System

Do you want to further optimize your logistics?

Alongside their actual production processes, manufacturing companies can become even more efficient by optimizing their logistics. This requires precise logistics for materials, starting with the optimized planning of deliveries—taking into account transport volumes—through to flexible approaches in bottleneck situations and the requisite access to newly incoming goods.

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Gabriele Kamphoff

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