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Performance Analysis for Informed Decisions

The first step for improving production is an accurate performance analysis based on sound data. MES performance analysis is the ideal tool for making complex relationships in manufacturing companies clear and understandable.

The comparison of target and actual data provides information on the production process, deviations from planning and on the quality of manufactured products. In the short-term (operational) category, measures to safeguard production can be immediately determined. In the long-term (strategic) category, the effectiveness of decisions taken to remedy faults can be evaluated.

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Benefits for You

Deciding soundly

  • Individually configurable visualization of the production environment

  • Graphical representation of data (incl. calculated data points and recording of measured value progression)

  • Business intelligence and KPI reporting (dashboards, data cubes, MES key figures in accordance with ISO 22400, drill-down analyses)

  • Production log: Information relating to material, equipment used or events during production

  • Alarms at defined thresholds

  • Data access via central data warehouse or database

Your Contact

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Gabriele Kamphoff


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