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Platform for Production


Existing production environments often feature isolated solutions that hinder smooth IT operations, along with data silos that prevent the optimization of processes. As the autonomy and modifiability of production increases, the networking of all participants becomes the critical success factor.

PSI offers an intuitive platform for production for companies that want to dynamically network all of their production technologies—including machines, equipment and mobile solutions—in a single, centralized solution as part of Industry 4.0. The architecture is designed as an open platform. This means that the solution can be designed step-by-step, and continuously expanded using additional components—including third-party systems.

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Benefits for You

Fully Interconnected

  • Integrated, adaptable IT solution for your production for Industry 4.0 processes

  • Open, well-documented API: secure and standardized communication using hardware and third-party systems

  • Open platform: Create an IT landscape based on flexible services that suits your needs

  • High availability

  • Updates, patches, new components without needing to shut down the entire system

Your Contact

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Gabriele Kamphoff


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We compressed even more compact information in our MES-flyer for you. 

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