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Quality Management for the Highest Demands

Effective quality assurance processes are essential in order to manufacture at the highest level. Quality management should therefore be an inherent part of your production software solution and should cover all operations that directly relate to the production process.  

From inspection during manufacture to the testing of starting materials: PSIpenta MES can directly record measurement data and assign orders or lots. Qualitative (e.g. O.K., n.O.K., material properties) and quantitative (e.g. quantities, tolerances, values) elements are factored in. The required use of specific testing equipment can be ensured, while any testing performed and the testing equipment used are automatically documented. Deviations from quality specifications can be immediately processed as an incident.

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Benefits for You

Highest Quality

  • Inspection during manufacture

  • Incoming goods inspection (procurement)

  • Collection of quality data

  • Inclusion of qualitative (O. K. /Not O. K.) and quantitative values (measured value) and tolerances

  • Absolute and relative test quantities

  • Documentation of measuring/testing equipment

Your Contact

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Gabriele Kamphoff


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