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Resource Management for Smooth Production Processes

Do you want to ensure the availability of machines, systems, equipment and personnel at all times to guarantee a smooth production process? Resource management forms part of MES and proactively ensures that disruptions are avoided.

Resource management provides necessary information about the current and future allocation of resources for the purpose of detail planning and control. The availability of technology is ensured through targeted maintenance or repair. This, in conjunction with workforce planning, secures the operation of the manufacturing system as a whole. 

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Benefits for You

Secure Production

  • Equipment management provides a quick overview of the inventory and availability of assets

  • Allocation of equipment requirements to work steps and recording in the journal

  • Cyclical and condition-based maintenance

  • Fault Elimination & Recording of All Action Taken

  • Personnel master data: qualifications and shift allocation, different working time models, and recording of working hours

  • Personnel availability is included in planning

Your Contact

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Gabriele Kamphoff


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We compressed even more compact information in our MES-flyer for you. 

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