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Shop Floor Management with Added Value


Data is the crucial raw material in optimizing production—and this is accelerating once again with Industry 4.0. Accordingly, MES software must be designed in such a way that enables the collection and processing of event-driven data from the shop floor to be as simple and error-free as possible.


With PSIpenta MES, data can be collected automatically (machine data collection), semi-automatically (by worker) or manually. The information collected can also be used to directly manage or setup machines, or to trigger alarms, maintenance tasks, transport orders, or other activities that safeguard the production. All data and information collected about the materials, the resources used, measured values or quality are linked to orders, batches and even serial numbers.

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Benefits for You

Simple and Clever

  • Simple feedback from manufacturing in relation to work steps or production orders

  • Collection of machine data (e.g. status, processed quantities, process data)

  • Pre-settings can be conveniently loaded on machines

  • Automatic time period calculation—divided into machine time and labor time for each order

  • Assistance systems for visual worker guidance and factory monitoring

  • Warnings/alarms/fault messages

Your Contact

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Gabriele Kamphoff


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We compressed even more compact information in our MES-flyer for you. 

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