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PSI Automotive & Industry—200 Experts in Production

PSI has been a major player in digitalization in Germany since 1969 and has successfully completed countless projects. Our secret: We are specialists who share a strong passion for production with our customers. Innovative ERP and MES software is just one side of the coin. Much more important to us is fostering a close exchange with our customers. Because only through the combination your company expertise and our specialist knowledge can the challenges posed by global competition be overcome.

We see ourselves as skilled innovators, as advisors that listen to our customers' needs, and as agile implementers. Let us work with you to design your perfect production process!

The Way we Work

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Cooperative Intelligence

Open exchange is the key to deeper understanding. It is only when we bring together knowledge, experience and skills that new ideas can emerge. We know that successful software projects are not a one-way street, but are the result of agile teamwork. That's why we believe that the best solution for your production can only be achieved by working together on an equal footing.

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Agile Innovator

If you want to make progress, you first need to listen carefully. Your knowledge of the specific features and processes of your business is worth its weight in gold. But often, an outside view can bring new ideas to light. We combine your knowledge with our expertise in all aspects of production and support you on the way to achieving your maximum production potential.

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More Than Software

Software projects are always an opportunity to optimize processes and drive improvements. This means that it's not just our excellent ERP and MES software that is important to us; we also pride ourselves on our highly competent advice and in-depth knowledge transfer—always on an equal footing. We find a tailored solution for every challenge.

Expertise + A Passion for Production = The Best Possible Manufacturing Process



At PSI, around 80% of our engineers are working to improve our customers' value chains and to create sustainable progress for companies. Our clear focus on production gives us the experience and knowledge you need to progress in a competitive environment.

Passion for Production

We are intensely passionate about production. Our employees come from the industries in which our customers operate. This means that we know and understand their specific challenges and speak a common language. For us, optimizing the manufacturing process is far more than a matter of technology—we put our heart and soul into it.

Best Possible Manufacturing Process

The best way of achieving intelligent production is to collaborate in an agile and goal-oriented way. As a partner, PSI supports you in this objective by merging the necessary skills from both your company and ours to create a comprehensive, tailored solution.

Our Values

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For 50 years, we have been working to 
improve our customers' processes.

Icon Expertise


We know our customers' challenges, meaning we 
can always go one step further.

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PSI is independent and committed solely 
to our customers' success.

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We encourage teamwork, because complex tasks can always be solved better together.

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Your knowledge and our skills are the perfect combination for creating smarter Solutions.

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Our Company Profile in Detail

Company Profile

PSI Automotive & Industry:
ERP + MES for Intelligent Production

PSI Automotive & Industry is an expert in intelligent production. With our ERP + MES software, we optimize our clients’ production and processes. Among German SMEs, the PSIpenta brand name stands for well-conceived solutions which are closer to the requirements of the sectors than any other. Teamwork helps us to come up with better ideas. That is why we combine the competencies of our clients with our own ones to form an even greater whole. We are:

  • More agile
    Processes are steered across all applications by means of workflows. Without programming and at an extremely fast speed, processes can be adapted to new requirements.
  • Closer
    We share our clients’ passion for production. That is why we have exact knowledge of the requirements and take that decisive extra step.
  • More user-friendly
    With PSI Click Design, the software interface can be adapted by each individual user to his specific requirements
  • More intelligent
    PSI has long been successfully applying robust methods of artificial intelligence in the industry. With the aid of this industrial intelligence, we support your decisions in complex situations, increasing the efficiency of your manufacturing, and automating your processes.
  • More open
    Our platform for production is distinguished by its outstanding integration capacity, offering flexible services and combining the processes across a wide variety of application software – entirely without complicated interfaces and on the basis of state-of-the-art standards.

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Alma Zichner
Head of Marketing

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