Additional modules

So everything runs smoothly

The ability to meet requirements in day-to-day operations depends strongly on the range of functions provided by the ERP system. The PSIpenta ERP Portfolio provides a high degree of coverage. Add-on modules supplement the solution by adding further company-specific components.


  • Maintenance and repair of equipment in use on customer premises (service management) or in your own company (maintenance)
  • Warehouse Management as a supplement for inventory management for managing and controlling the operations and stock location sub-areas within a storage location
  • Variant management for product configuration including management of specific versions of a standard product
  • Multi-project management for resource planning, organisational planning and cross-project planning including personnel deployment planning and feedback system
  • Sales planning for simultaneous viewing of strategic (sales) and operational (resource requirements) aspects
  • Just-in-sequence system for automating and optimising the core processes of sequence planning for supplying assembly units to the production line
  • Shipping incl. assembly shipping, shipping with shipping instructions and with and without shipping warehouse, staggered shipping, direct deliveries from vendor to customer

Extend the ERP core individually

The core modules of the ERP software can be easily supplemented by adding further individual modules:

ERP Core Components

Finance & HR Management

Business Intelligence

Additional modules

Sales Planning

Service Management


Warehouse Management


Variant Management

Project Management