Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Developed by Experts in Intelligent Production

PSIpenta is the ERP system that enables mid-sized manufacturing companies to realize their full potential. As an ERP provider for intelligent production, we combine profound industry knowledge with agile software to help our customers overcome their challenges.



  • Agile Software for Agile Companies

  • User-friendly interfaces

  • Expert in mid-sized manufacturing companies

  • Easily model your processes yourself for each workflow


  • Flexible off-the-shelf solution

  • Smart Factory from a single source


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Mail: vertrieb@psi-automotive-industry.de


  • Produktionshalle von Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG


    "Today, a modern IT infrastructure must be flexible and agile in supporting changing business processes and thus become an "enabler".


    Ralf Radny, Head of IT at KAMPF Schneid- & Wickeltechnik


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  • Industrielle Produktion


    "Our ERP system has constantly changed with us over the years and has, above all, grown with our requirement.“


    Hans-Peter Rudolph, IT Project Manager at LÄPPLE


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  • Produktionsbild von Bahmüller


    "We can identify with PSIpenta and its approach, and feel that they understand us. We’ve found both the right system and the right partner for us.“


    Marco Jassniger, Head of Information Technology (CIO) at Wilhelm Bahmüller


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Gabriele Kamphoff

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