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Finite Capacity Scheduler Helps You Prevent Bottlenecks and Meet Deadlines


In order to remain competitive, manufacturing companies need to optimize their capacity utilization, plan effectively, and respond quickly to changing customer demands. The PSIpenta finite capacity scheduler is the ideal addition to the ERP system for mass producers and complex single-item producers who want to optimize their production planning.


The module comprises a tool for detail planning, order management and monitoring production deadlines. Based on data from the ERP system, it is possible to plan and process production orders and work steps via a graphic interface in the finite production capacity scheduler. Planning is performed based on finite capacities and allows for manual, semi-automated or fully automated sequence planning.

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Benefits for You

Optimized Detailed Planning

  • Optimized detail planning, factoring in available capacities

  • Graphical Planning Boards (Gantt Chart)

  • Planning optimization by means of combining, splitting or overlapping elements (e.g. for setup optimization)

  • Cross-plant planning and production networks in real time

  • Visualization of multi-level orders in the structure view

  • Simulation: Scenarios can be simulated based on current data

Would you like to optimize your production using AI?

 Qualicision® technology enables the multicriteria optimization of production processes, where the sequencing of orders is organized in line with variable target criteria. This sequencing is also automatically adapted to changes in the logistics conditions or to the optimization target criteria.


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Gabriele Kamphoff

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