Practical solutions for the manufacturing sector

Ahead of the game with better manufacturing processes

As a specialist in manufacturing processes from planning down to the shop floor, PSI Automotive & Industry has become an established partner and software supplier to the manufacturing industry.

Our core industries are the automotive sector and mechanical and plant engineering. These are the flagship industries of the German economy. Companies in these fields have their manufacturing bases in Germany and set themselves apart in the global market thanks to highly automated and optimized production processes.

We support our clients along the way to becoming a “Hidden Champion”. They value our years of experience and industry know-how.

The real economy is the backbone of German industry, as has been proven beyond any doubt. It represents the vast majority of new workplaces and has propelled Germany into the position of no. 1 export nation thus being one of the most competitive industrial countries of the world. The future project "Industry 4.0" will secure more global competitive advantage. The real economy is profiteer and promoter of IT. with our software solutions, we support our customers in the way of "fourth industrial revolution".


Machinery & Plant Construction